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Jones is one of 100,000 corn farmers in a perfectly competitive market. What will happen to the price she can charge if: a. The rental price on all farmland increases as urbanization turns increasing amounts of it into home sites? b. The price of fuel for tractors falls? c. The price of fuel for Jones’s, and only Jones’s, tractor falls because Jones is a special friend of some politician? d. Scientists find that hogs (important consumers of corn) have a disease that is deadly to pork eaters? e. Jones loses part of her land as a result of default on a mortgage? f. Aliens land in Jones’s field (and nowhere else) and the crop circles from their spacecraft destroy part of Jones’s crop? g. A law is passed that requires all corn farmers to cut their acreage by half? h. A per-acre property tax is instituted on all farmland? i. A per-acre property tax is instituted only on land that currently grows corn? (What if switching from corn to some other crop does not allow you to avoid the tax?) j. Scientists discover that Jones’s corn, and only Jones’s of all the farmers’ corn in the world, cures deadly diseases?

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