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Read the article below and answer the following questions: What does Bezos mean by saying it is still Day One?2. Identify the following Amazon features and explainwhy they are considered E-commerce innovations: 1-Click Ordering,Subscribe and Save, Lockers, AmazonPrime3. Bezos states “In the digital world, you can’t convince peopleyou have the low price, you have to have the lowest price” Explainwhat you think Bezos means by this statement. Do you agree withthis statement?4. The author of the article quotes a former Amazon employee assaying that AmazonFresh is “a Trojan horse” and is part of asolution to the “last mile problem.” What is meant by thesestatements? And do you agree that AmazonFresh solves the “last mileproblem.”5. The author of the article states that “the bigger Amazon getsthe greater the number and variety of stakeholders required …”What does this statement mean? If this statement is true, what arethe implications? Has Amazon managed its various stakeholders inthe past? What are the implications for the future?6. Third party sellers account for 40% of Amazon’s revenues.Does this represent a strength or weakness of Amazon’s businessmodel?7. The author of the article indicates that Target and Walgreenshave “geo-fenced” their stores. What does this mean? Do you thinkthis strategy may work in allowing traditional retailers to competewith Amazon?

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