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Show transcribed image text Quickbooks 2015 is installed on this compute C D cvg.oengagenow.com/ilinn/takeAssignment/takeAssignmentMain do?invoker assig u eBook Problem Solving Strategy Statement of Cash Flows Indirect Method The comparative balance sheet of Harris Industries Inc, at 31, 2014 and 2013, is as follows: Dec. 31, 2014 Dec. 31, 2013 s 443,240 s 360.920 Accounts receivable (net) 887880 1,022,560 Buildings 713,600 1,134,000 466,200) Accumulated depreciation-buildings Machinery and equipment 781.200 781.200 Accumulated depreciation-machinery and equipment. 214,2000 3,724A20 Llablllties and Stockholders’Equlty 837A80 927.080 Accounts payable (merchandise creditors) Dividends payable. 78,960 Mortgage note payable, due 2017 224,000 Bonds payable Common stock, S5 par Paid in capitabExcess of issue price over par-common stock 2,118 660 Retained earnings $4.251.800 $3,724,420 An examination of the income statement and the accounting records revealed the folowing additional information applicable to 2014 a. Net income, $524 580. b. Depreciation expense reported on the income statement: buildings, $51.660 machinery and equipment, $22,680. c, Patent amortization reported on the income statement, $5,040, d. A building was constructed for $579,600 e. A mortgage note for $224,000 was issued for cash. f 30,000 shares of common stock were issued at $13 in exchange for the bonds payable. g. Cash dividends declared, S131,040

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