Questions 7-10 (of M) CPe-3 Recording Cash sales, Credit Sales, Sales Dlscounts, Sales Returns, a… Assignment Help


Please, can you help me to answer this question’sparts,please?ThanksShow transcribed image text Questions 7-10 (of M) CPe-3 Recording Cash sales, Credit Sales, Sales Dlscounts, Sales Returns, and Sales Allowances andAnalyzing [The following information applies to the questions displayed below) Campus Stop, Inc. is a student op Campus Stop uses a perpetual inventory system The following transactions (summarized have been selected for analysis: a Sold merchandise for cash costof merchandise 8.190). b, merchandise returned by customers as unsatisfactory (but in perfect condition) Received $288,200 for cash refund (original cost of merchandise $890). 1690 c Sold merchandise (costing $117oo to a customer on account with tenis 210. d. Collected half of the balance owed by the customer in the discount period. 26,000 12740 e. Granted a partial allowance relating to credit sales that the in fghad not yet paid 1920 References Section Break CP6-3 Recording Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Sales Discounts. Sales Returns, and Sales Allowances and Analyzing Gross Profit Percentage (LO6-4, LO 6-51

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