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Show transcribed image text Question 3 of 3 001 cornerstone Exercise 07.07 Algorithmic Check My Work eBook Cornerstone Exercise 7.7 (Algorithmic) Allocating Joint Costs Using the Physical Units Method Orchard Fresh, Inc., purchases apples from local orchards and sorts them into four categories. Grade A are large blemish-free apples that can be sold to gourmet fruit sellers. Grade B apples are smaller and may be slightly out of proportion. These are packed in boxes and sold to grocery stores. Apples for slices are even smaller than Grade B apples and have blemishes. Apples for applesauce are of lower grade than apples for slices, yet still suitable for canning. Information on a recent purchase of 20,000 pounds of apples is as follows: Grades Pounds Grade A 1,200 Grade B 6,000 Slices 8,000 Applesauce 4,800 Total 20,000 Total joint cost is $15,000. Required: 1. Allocate the joint cost to the four grades of apples using the physical units method. Joint Cost Grades Allocation Grade A Grade B Slices Applesauce Total

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