How does globalization effect the socialmarketeconomy of germany and the developing economy differen Assignment Help


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Imagine that you are a research assistant for the Director of
Research at the International Labor Organization (the ILO), an agency that
brings together governments, employers and worker represents from over 180
different member states of the United Nations. The
ILO–en/i… is interested in how
globalization impacts national governments’ ability to provide generous
social/healthcare policies and good job opportunities to their countries’
residents. You have been asked to explore this issue through a paired
comparison of a social market economy (Germany) and the experience of a
developing economy (Nigeria). More specifically, the Director asks you to characterize
how the intersection of globalization and domestic politics has influenced the
type of development challenges faced by each country (historically0) and how each
country has sought to deal with these challenges in the contemporary era. In
your report, you will draw on both assigned course readings, country-specific
sources, and additional research to identify the key economic and political
dilemmas facing each country as well as the types of policies that have been implemented
to foster greater economic and social development in each country. You will
also want to analyze the degree of success each country has had in fostering
social and economic benefits for the majority of their population.


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