Creative Historical Assignment: Mixtape 15 points Due by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.  Submitted in blackboard


Creative Historical Assignment: Mixtape

15 points Due by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.  Submitted in blackboard.

Your submission will be open for class review. 


Format Information:

You will complete this assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Maximum assignment length will be 3-4 pages. To complete this assignment, you will need to pick one song by a contemporary Black Female musician. You may pick two different artists if you like.  


Clearly identify the artist, song, and copyright year of the song chosen. 


To complete the assignment, you must include:

1.     Historical context: A short summary of the social climate in America when the song was released. (1 paragraph)

2.     An artist bio: A short bio about the artists upbringing that includes their ethnic/national descent and other critical information that shaped their experiences (such as, location(s) they grew up in, caregiver information, familys financial circumstances, education, etc.). (1-2 paragraphs)

3.     The songs lyrics. You may also include a link to the YouTube video where your classmates can watch/listen to the song.

4.     Finish the following sentence: This song should appear on black liberation playlists because it speaks to .  [Or in other words: This song is on my black liberation playlist because it speaks to]

I would suggest wrutung about Jorja Smith and her song cal

a.     Some methods to complete are by considering:

                                               i.     Cite a minimum of 4 lines (specific lyrics) in the song that convey black uplift sentiment.

                                             ii.     Lines cited can single out a specific incident (such as targeted violence against one individual) or group oppression (such as anti-LBGTQ community).

                                           iii.     Lines cited can convey historical players or organizations in the history of black upliftment by

                                            iv.     Lines cited shine light on historical truths about the black womans experience in America.  

                                             v.     Lines cited present Pan-Africanist or global black connectivity.

                                            vi.     Lines cited provide political inspiration or a call to action.

b.     It is fine to use sentences like:

                                               i.     This line echoes the call made by _____________ in ____________

                                             ii.     This line became an anthem for _________________ just like in ________ when..

                                           iii.     We see this experience through the character of _______________ in the show _____________________ when which underscores_______________.

                                            iv.     When I was ____________________, I remember ________________ and this line captures that emotion because..

                                             v.     This line or song called attention to action because statistically ______________________ in America

                                            vi.     This line is a call for unity around ________________ by..

c.      THINK INTERSECTIONALLY: CONNECT gender, race, class, sexuality, etc.


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