create a powerpoint with at least 5 slides about the Japanese internment camp.  here are some main points  World War II beg

create a powerpoint with at least 5 slides about the Japanese internment camp. 
here are some main points 
World War II began in Europe after Germany invaded Poland under Hitler’s orders in 1939, and it is often regarded as one of the deadliest wars in American history. From 1939 through 1945, two global military alliances, the Allies and the Axes, waged a
 global war that involved almost thirty countries. The Allies were the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. The Axes were formed by Germany, Italy, and Japan. As a result of the damage left behind by World War I, Europe was already in an unstable economic state, posing numerous difficulties to the political realm, economics, and welfare of European citizens. Due to political issues, no single party was able to gain a clear majority and take control of Europe’s government. This allowed Adolf Hitler, a military veteran, to gain power and control of the European government through the Nazi party. Hitler was able to impose his anti-Semitic ideology and war dictatorship due to Germany’s dissatisfaction and vulnerability following World War I. The economic collapse that followed the war and the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I, displeased the majority of Germans. Hitler utilized propaganda in the media to spread his political power and achieve enough notoriety to be appointed as Germany’s chancellor, placing him in a good position to carry out his plan of world dominion through war, wiping out other races to create room for the superior race, the Aryan race. As a result, Jews were picked up and imprisoned in horrific concentration camps, isolating them from the rest of German society. Tensions between the United States and Japan began to increase during this time when President Franklin D. Roosevelt stationed the United States Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, halting Japan’s westward push. In retaliation for limits on foreign trade and expansion, Japan struck Pearl Harbor, killing thousands of people and damaging a considerable amount of American militia equipment. During World War II, the United States built internment camps for Japanese-Americans, which were identical to the Nazi party’s Jewish concentration camps. Japanese-Americans were forced to live under dreadful
 conditions that oppressed and violated their rights while also putting their lives at jeopardy. Japanese American internment camps were formed as a result of rising terrorist threats following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the ongoing war, despite violating the American Constitution’s guarantee of life, liberty, and property. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US used racial panic to deprive all Japanese Americans of their rights and imprison them in camps similar to the hostile Jewish concentration camps in Germany, which were similarly racially motivated. Although it is unclear if any or the majority of Japanese Americans intended to harm America or its citizens, America continued to have racist attitudes against minorities throughout this time period, and utilized this behavior to oppress and isolate many innocent Japanese Americans. Even though the war is over, such acts, as well as the deaths of hundreds of Japanese Americans and the humiliation they suffered, cannot be undone. Eventually,, the Endo v. United States court decision ended the internment camps, but the effects of their establishment lingered in the lives of Japanese Americans.


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