Change Context Analysis (200 points) You™ll notice there is no final exam. This paper should be considered your final exam”


Change Context Analysis (200 points) You’ll notice there is no final exam. This paper should be considered your final exam—take the chance to show off what you have learned this term when you apply your knowledge to this paper. The Change Context Analysis will focus on one of the following areas of change: • Community (Chapter 5) • Political (Chapter 7) • Social (Chapter 8) • Global (Chapter 10) AND choose one change that you feel exemplifies this change context. In this paper, you will analyze this change in light of its context and analyze it by doing the following and citing the text and other sources as appropriate in support of your ideas. I. introduce the change and key ideas related to it (assume your reader knows nothing) 1-2 paragraphs with a thesis that argues if the change is an exemplary, good, fair, or poor example of the context in which you will analyze it II. state its context and discuss how you know this change is an example of that context (see Purpose; 1-2 paragraphs) III. discuss the concepts of change within the context and how your change does or does not demonstrate them (1 paragraph per concept discussed) IV. discuss the concepts of leadership demonstrated by the change (1 paragraph per concept discussed) V. discuss desired change practices demonstrated by the change (1 paragraph per practice discussed) VI. discuss outcomes and impact of the change (1-2 paragraphs) You are required to cite your textbook and a minimum of 4 other sources. The paper should be a minimum of 6 pages not including the title page nor the References page. Be sure the title is creative and thought-provoking to get readers interested in what your paper will say.


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