Below are therequirements for your fessay. Adhering to these criteria will help you to dowell on this essay. You will also


Below are therequirements for your fessay. Adhering to these criteria will help you to dowell on this essay. You will also need clear, intelligent thinking and writing.Not following the criteria will ensure that you receive grade no higher than aC. You will write an essay on your selected topic of at least threepages and no more than five in which you create an argument thatinvestigates on topic below.

       Compare the major relationships in two ofthree stories, Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants,”Jumpha Lahiri’s “Interpreter of Maladies” or Raymond Carver’s”Cathedral.” Argue that it is the lack of communicationthat is the reason for conflict between the characters in both stories (includeMr. Kapasi from “Interpreter” and Robert from “Cathedral,”if you examine either of these two stories). What barriers are present thataffect communication between the characters? In the conclusion of your essay,predict what will happen between the young couple in “Hills,” the Dascouple, or the narrator and his wife in “Cathedral” (two of the threecouples).

Develop a”hook” that will draw your reader’s attention.  (Do not beginwith “In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”. . . .) Provide a three-to-four sentence summary/ies of the work/s in theintroduction, and make certain to introduce the title of the work/s and itswriter/s.

Use at least TWO sourcesoutside the stories to support your views. These sources should reflect theviews of critics of literature as well as the informative views of expertopinion. (NOTE:,,, or the like are notcredible, academic sources.) Research needs to be conducted. Acomposition submitted without any research will receive a grade no higher thana D. If some research is incorporated yet does not fulfill the required amountof sources, a grade no higher than a C will be given.

Make sure that thesources relate to your thesis and that you simply do not use them to fulfilla requirement. Do not use other stories, and, despite the temptation, avoid anybiographical material about any of the writers. Integrate these sourcessmoothly into your text, and comment on them.

Cite your sources withthe standard in-text and works cited MLA format. (Make certain to cite thestory/stories and writers.) Remember that you are writing an argument. Indoing this, you will use analysis and interpretation. Toward the end of theessay, you can also feel free to evaluate the works, making certain to maintainthird-person point of view. Merely summarizing any of the stories willearn you a D at best. Rather, I want a consistent, convincing argument thatdraws parallels between your subject and the plays you introduce. 

Proofread your essay.Grammar and spelling do count. Submit a copy of your final draft to TurnItIn bythe final due date. No more than 15% of your essay should appear in directquotations.


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