Assignment Overview In this course, you will create a Personal Academic Success Strategy Portfolio (PASSport). The portfoli


Assignment Overview

In this course, you will create a Personal Academic Success Strategy Portfolio (PASSport). The portfolio will be compiled in stages throughout the course so that upon completion you have a comprehensive and personalized strategy for success. In this paper, PASSport Essay #2, you will reflect on the academic, vocational/professional, and faith implications of the question: What are my goals?

Assignment Instructions

Write a reflection paper addressing the question “What are my goals?” The paper should incorporate insights from course readings and be organized as follows:

  • Introduction (State the overall purpose of the reflection paper and mention the main ideas that will be addressed.)
  • Academics (What are my goals as a learner? How can I set myself up for academic success? How do your strengths impact your academic goals?)
  • Career and Vocation (What are my career goals? How can I leverage my time in college to advance my career? How do your strengths impact your career goals?)
  • Integration of Faith, Living, and Learning (Do I see a connection between my academic and career goals and my faith development? Why or why not? How do your strengths impact your faith development goals?)
  • Conclusion (Summarize the main points from the reflection and draw a memorable conclusion.)

Assignment Requirements

  • You must include a Title Page with your essay.
  • Submissions should be written in Times New Roman 12 point font, and should be grammatically coherent, with minimal spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors.
  • Organize the paper into at least five paragraphs (introduction, academics, career and vocation, faith integration, and conclusion).
  • Maintain a length of around 500-750 words.
  • Include at least three in-text citations from your textbooks and/or from sources found in the APU Library databases. Ensure that all sources cited are appropriately scholarly in nature. Remember to use caution when considering open websites found using a search engine like Google. Use “Google Scholar” if you want to search the web.
    • In-text citations must be formatted in APA style.
    • Include a References page formatted in APA style.


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