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You do the presentation and I will add my voice and load it. Just put it together based off the research paper we will be turning in next week.

Multimedia Presentation

One of the most important skills to have is to be able to effectively present your research to a group. This is something that is done all the time in academia at conferences, as well as in the business world. For this assignment, you will be presenting the essesntial components of your final paper to your classmates. Create a 10-minute creative multimedia presentation to explain the thesis and main ideas of your paper. You may not have time to cover all the details of your paper, but you should be able to hit the highlights. Be sure to make effective use of visual tools to communicate your paper’s ideas. For example, include pictures, graphs, charts, etc. as appropriate.

Your presentation should have both an audio and video component, using such tools as YouTube, PowerPoint, Jing, Screenr, Present.Me, etc. Because your presentation must have an audio narration, Prezi is not a good choice. Instead of Prezi, you should use PowerPoint or Present.Me, narrate your slides, and upload the completed presentation to YouTube. If your computer does not have audio recording capability, you may wish to use to add a computer-generated voice to your PowerPoint presentation.

Be aware that some websites may require you to split your presentation into multiple parts. For example, if you use Jing or Screenr to record your PowerPoint presentation, you will have to create two or more videos (because the free versions of these programs are limited to five minutes).


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