Assignment:          Controlling the crime, violence, and general disorder associated with overt drug markets has been a pe



         Controlling the crime, violence, and general disorder associated with overt drug markets has been a persistent problem for law enforcement. Many law enforcement strategies have been tried to address these issues with limited and temporary success. Drug market innovation (DMI) is an innovative approach first applied in High Point, NC to shut down flagrant drug markets.

         This assignment has two parts. First, you must familiarize yourself with DMI by reading this article by McGarrell and colleagues (2010) (attached the article below) You may also find this brief video (Link: that describes the DMI model to be helpful. Second, you will write an essay that describes the DMI model, examines the evidence of its effectiveness, and discusses the moral quandary created by DMI. In particular, write an essay that addresses the following issues:

  • What is DMI? What are its key components? How is it designed to work? What are its goals?
  • What did McGarrell and associates find in terms of DMI’s effectiveness in achieving its goals?
  • Notice that DMI provides social services to those involved in drug dealing and these services may not be available to law-abiding individuals. This situation presents a moral quandary by allocating social services including employment assistance to individuals involved in crime, but the same services may not be available to law-abiding residents in the same neighborhoods. Given this situation, do you believe that DMI is morally defensible? Explain and justify your opinion in detail.


         Your paper must be typed with a 12-point font, double-spaced, and 3-5 papers in length. Importantly, your paper must be written in essay format with complete sentences. This is means that bulleted lists, for example, are not suitable.


         Your paper will be graded based on: 1) how well it addresses each of the above questions; and, 2) the quality of the writing. “A” papers will be written in essay format, fully address each of the above questions, demonstrate knowledge of the reading/video, be well-written, and adhere to the required format. Specifically, this assignment is worth 10 points. Points will be distributed as follows:

  • 3 points for the description of the DMI model as applied in High Point, NC
  • 2 points for the summary of the research assessing the effectiveness of DMI
  • 3 points for your conclusion about the moral quandary presented by DMI
  • 2 points for writing quality and format


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