Assignment 3 requires you to complete the Emotional Intelligence test found as a link in this folder, then read the Feedbac


Assignment 3 requires you to complete the Emotional Intelligence test found as a link in this folder, then read the Feedback document also in this folder, and finally discuss your results in the Emotional Intelligence Discussion.

Completing the Questionnaire

  1. This questionnaire is set up like a quiz. Open the test by clicking on the link to the test.
  2. The test will be scored by the Blackboard system just like a quiz. You will receive a score at the end. Make a note of the score.
  3. Read the feedback document also available in this folder. It will tell you how to evaluate your score.

Original Discussion  

Discuss your results in the Assignment 3 Emotional Intelligence Discussion Forum. You will be posting an original and one reply post. Include the following in your original post in reply to the instructor’s thread:

  1. Your total score on the emotional intelligence questionnaire.
  2. Your opinion regarding your score based on the feedback you received. Discuss your results fully and why you think you got the score you got. What does your score say about your emotional intelligence?
  3. What have you learned in the Chapter and Module that might change the way you handle your own emotions and those of others? The great thing about emotional intelligence is it can be improved. Do you think you are better equipped now to improve your emotional intelligence? Explain.
  4. Be sure to give careful feedback to at least one other student. Your work will not be available for grading until you have posted twice to this discussion.

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Feedback

You have just finished your Emotional Intelligence Quiz. At the end, you received a score on the quiz. This is your guide to interpreting those results. First, look at your score which is the number next to where it says “Points Awarded” (don’t go by the percentage).

The AVERAGE score on this questionnaire is 100, which is the mean score on the test. Thirty-four percent of the population score between the mean and 1 Standard Deviation above the mean, and 34% score between the mean and 1 SD below the mean). If you scored above 100, then you have above-average emotional intelligence. Scores of 130 or higher are 2 Standard Deviations above the norm, meaning you have very high emotional intelligence (only 14% of the population scores 130 or higher). Scores of 130-150 represent the area of 3 Standard Deviations above the mean, meaning you have superior emotional intelligence skills. Only 2% of the population scores above 150. Those results would be off the charts so to speak.

The most important thing to remember as you analyze your score is that emotional intelligence can be improved. If you read the  emotional competencies framework 

and study your results on the questionnaire, you can figure out in what areas you might be able to improve and you can decide to do so.


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