Assignment “ Final Report Lesson Five Assignment Instructions “ Final Report Instructions: Lesson Five is due at the end

  • Assignment – Final Report

    Lesson Five Assignment Instructions – Final Report


    Lesson Five is due at the end of course week thirteen. This Assignment has different requirements than Lessons One through Four Assignments.

    The report contains these graded activities:

     I. Final Report Construct:

    1. Administrative Requirements:
      • Transmittal Letter
      • Title Page
      • Course Summary Section 
        • Obtain ISS approval of the Final Report
        • Submit ISS certified internship hours worked
        • Submit an Intern performance report from ISS (not more than two or three paragraphs)
        • Submit the Final Report as a professionally organized
    2. SMART Objective sub-section requirements (for each Objective):
      • Objective Title.
      • Objective description including a description of the objective and data collecting. Available from ISS SMART briefing materials.
      • Final analysis, discuss where is the status of objective completion, what is learned, and if not completed the objective. If not completed discuss reasons.
      • Graph and explain raw data using a graphing method and show raw data and proof of completion based on the graphic presentation of raw data.
      • “So-What,” a single paragraph of 4 to 6 sentences.
      • Cite all sources, would expect a couple of outside references.
      • Each objective section not to exceed a total of two pages.
    3. Additional Annex Requirements:
      • A statement containing work/volunteer hours for the course period.
      • Performance evaluation on accomplishing SMART objectives by ISS.

    II. The Final Report includes the following components and content in this order: 

    1. TRANSMITTAL LETTER (5 points)
    2. TITLE PAGE (5 points): Assignment title, plagiarism statement, and course information
    3. SECTION I Executive Summary and General Discussion
      • Executive Summary (ES) of the entire report —not to exceed (NTE) a one-page followed by a page break
      • ES should answer this…if the decision-maker only reads ES would the decision-maker want to move on through the report, or could they decide based on ES?
      • General discussion of the internship activities. Note possible lessons learned, SMART Objective critical impact on internship site, and other important or so-what moments —-2 to 2.5 pages followed by a page break.
    4. SECTION II SMART Objectives reporting (Report results on each SMART objective is a sub-section below using the previous SMART objective format above). 

       Sub-sections: Each sub-section should exceed two pages, including a graphic representation of results and citations followed by a page break. 

      • SMART Objective One (use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
      • SMART Objective Two(use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
      • SMART Objective Three (use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
    5. SECTION III Administrative Submission

       Sub-sections: (prepared by Intern) page break following each sub-sections 

      • ISS statements submit hours worked and performance evaluations
      • ISS comments on SMART Objectives and value to organization
      • ISS viewing of final report certification.


    • Final Internship Report 10 to 15 pages
    • Transmittal memo, cover page, and references not in page count
    • Submit the Final Report using course naming criteria.
    Assignment Rubric
    Report Assignment BMGT 2388 Requirements & Criteria
    Transmittal Letter and Administrative Format – 5 points
    Title Page – 5 points
    Section I – 25 point
    Section II – 45 points
    Section III – 20 points
    Total of 100 points 
    Total (late assignments NTE 5 days – 15% reduction based on approval)
  • Assignment

    Requirement: Submit the Final Internship Report assignment.

    Process Elements:

    1. Consider the assignment rubric.
    2. Submit as a Word .doc document.
    3. Use the course file naming criteria.


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