21) When a systems vendor provides both the software andhardware needed to run a system as a pac… Assignment Help


21) When a systems vendor provides both the software andhardware needed to run a system as a package, thisis known asA) a turnkey system.B) cloud computing.C) an application service package.D) canned software.22) Identify one major drawback that is frequently associatedwith canned software.A) A commercial software development company develops it.B) Canned software is sold on the open market to a broad range ofusers with similar requirements.C) Canned software may not meet all of a company’s information ordata processing needs.D) Canned software may offer easy availability and lower costs.23) The reasons for ________ are to simplify the decision-makingprocess, reduce errors, provide time savings,and avoid potential disagreements.A) leasingB) outsourcingC) prototypingD) sending out a request for a proposal24) Identify the system below that end users should not beallowed to develop.A) a payroll processing programB) a program that performs “what-if” statistical modelingC) developing an application using prewritten software such as aspreadsheet or database systemD) preparing a schedule or list such as a depreciation schedule25) Identify one of the primary risks associated with end-usercomputing below.A) IS personnel will not have enough work to do if users developtheir own systems.B) Systems that have not been adequately tested may beimplemented.C) System costs may skyrocket.D) System development time may increase substantially.26) Which of the following is not a benefit ofoutsourcing?A) access to greater expertise and more advanced technologyB) greater controlC) improved development timeD) lower costs27) Which of the following were CASE tools not designed todo?A) replace skilled designersB) plan, analyze, design, program, and maintain an informationsystemC) automate important aspects of the software developmentprocessD) enhance the efforts of managers in understanding informationneeds28) In which phase of the SDLC does developing a generalframework for implementing user requirementsoccur?A) conceptual systems designB) implementation and conversionC) operations and maintenanceD) physical design29) Which of the following lists represent the sequence ofelements in developing the conceptual designspecifications?A) input, data storage, processing procedures and operations, andoutputB) input, output, data storage, and processing procedures andoperationsC) output, data storage, input, and processing procedures andoperationsD) processing procedures and operations, input, data storage, andoutput30) Deciding how often a certain report should be provided tousers is part of which conceptual designspecification element?A) data storageB) inputC) outputD) processing procedures and operations

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